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ответа Балл: 1,00 Отметить вопрос Текст вопроса Why (you /clean) the bathroom before you bathed the dog? Выберите один ответ: a. has you cleaned b. will you have cleaned c. have you cleaned d. had you cleaned Вопрос 6 Пока нет ответа Балл: 1,00 Отметить вопрос Текст вопроса I (finish) the work before you come back Выберите один ответ: a. will have finished b. had finished c. has finished d. have finished Вопрос 7 Пока нет ответа Балл: 1,00 Отметить вопрос Текст вопроса Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения Operator: “Speaking” Caller: “Hello, can I speak to Mr. Johnson?” Operator: “____________________” Caller: “Will you kindly tell him that Mrs. Jones called”. Выберите один ответ: a. I'm afraid you've got the wrong number. b. Sorry, not in now. He's gone out c. Yes, ...
having c) have d) had 3. I regret ____ my time with you. a) spend b) had spent c) spent d) spending 4. If you want to travel to other countries, but you don`t have much money, you can try ____. a) volunteering b) speeding c) boasting d) boarding 5. If only I ____ about that exam yesterday! a) hadn`t forgotten b) didn`t forget c) had forgot d) did forget 6. I worry about choosing my future profession because it can determine my life ___. a) travel b) flight c) journey d) voyage
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