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samui polnui garaskop

vlubena sam v semeen maj dali i toy e vluben v men i kakvo ni ochakva v badesht plan
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coffee but there was… in the house. 2. He is here all day. You can find him… time between nine and six. 3. You are expecting… to call, are you? 4. Would you have… more tea? — Thank you. 5. I see… cucumbers in the salad; why haven't you added any? 6. There isn't… milk left. Will you buy some? 7. Why are… people so boring? 8. That's the only way out. There is… other choice. XII. Give the comparative and superlative degrees of the following adjectives and adverbs. 1. cold; 2. important; 3. happy; 4. active; 5. simple; 6. famous; 7.difficult; 8. busy; 9. much. 10. badly; 11. well; 12. correctly; 13. bravely; 14. hard; 15. quickly XIII. Choose the right form (a, b, c) of the adjective in the following sentences. 1. Life is (easy) it used to be. A so easy as B more easy than C easier than 2. I'm ...
beautiful and edible. To The dish turned out beautiful and at the same time tasty We must carefully work on it. At first Study the recipe, then Correctly choose the ingredient, choose the right one Number of ingredients and exactly Distribute the cooking time. One mistake and taste will not be what Would like to try it. The same thing with learning A completely new language. To start you need to Write the best language training plan, then Correctly allocate each unit, distribute Number of materials and tasks. Also important is the Distribute time. As I mentioned above, the taste of everyone Different and the teacher needs to find a universal A taste that everyone will like Помогите с грамматикой. Исправьте, пожалуйста предложения…
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