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built last year. 5. All letters had been written when we came. 6. This film is much spoken about. 7. The machine is being tested now. 8. His work has been already finished. 9. I was told to wait in the reception room. 10. Your letter will have been answered by Monday.
-Kate: Hi, David! I'm fine, thank you! And, how are you
-David: Very well, thanks! Just a bit worried about the coming exam.
Kate: Why? Is it so difficult to pass?
David: No, I wouldn't say it's very difficult, but it's definitely important for my future profession. Kate: I see. Are you worried about Biology? David: Yes, I really need good marks in this exam, because I want to enter a Medical college. Kate: I remember that you've planned to study in the field of medicine. What's so interesting in it? In my opinion, it's a very difficult job to deal with various human illnesses.
David: You're right. I've never thought it's easy. But I know for sure that working in medical field is interesting and useful. When I imagine that after several years of studying I'll be capable of treating people around me, I want to study even more eagerly. Other than that, I'm interested in various innovations.It would be great if I could make my own discovery in medicine. Kate: Sounds great! And, have you chosen the exact field, yet? I mean, do you want to work in dentistry, gastroenterology, traumatology or any other fields? David: Yes, I know what you mean. I want to be a humble physician, because these people's work involves lots of knowledge almost in every medical field. They should be aware of many health problems. Kate: I see. That's a good choice. David: Remind me, please, what did you choose to do after the school is over? Kate: I want to go to a Law school. My parents insist on it. David: Are you unhappy with their choice? Kate: Kind of. I've always wanted to be an artist. You know, I'm really fond of drawing. But my father says that being an artist is more of a hobby than actual work. He says that I can draw in my free time just for pleasure. David: He might be right. However, if you don't want to become a lawyer at all, then better refuse now. Kate: No, it's fine. It has lots of advantages too. Lawyers sometimes deal with interesting people and cases. I will probably like the process of investigation or negotiations at court. David: Sounds interesting! I think, you should pass Social studies to enter the City Law School, is that right? Kate: Yes, that's true. I'm also a bit nervous before the exams. However, I think we'll do just fine. David: Thanks for cheering me up! I feel much better now. Kate: No problem! We can talk about it anytime.
Food prices have been_____steadily for at least twenty yeasr. a) rising; b) raising; c) lifting; d) growing. 3. When the meeting had finished, they went_____the plan once again. a) up; b) on; c) over, d) down. 4. He never stops criticizing me. He's a real ___in the neck. a) ache; b) pain; c) hurt; d) itch. 5. If no one_____to the plan, we will start next week. a) minds; b) avoids; c) objects; d) argues. 6. Paulo is the head_____at the Buckingham hotel. He is famous for his fish recipes. a) cooker; b) chief; c) waiter; d)chef. 7. I shouldn't have drunk so much coffee last night. I was_____awake till 4 o'clock in the morning. a) full; b) wide; c) well; d) too. 8. Some people deny the connection_____ill health. a) of smoking and; c) of smoking to; b) between smoking and; d) of smoking with. 9. It doesn't_____to me how long you stay.There's plenty of room. a) worry; b) disturb; c) matter; d) bother. 10. Please____ to make sure that there is petrol in the car. a) check; b) control; c) oversee; d) examine.
come)to school every day. 3)_______(he work) in the restaurant at the weekends? 4)_______(Peter and Jane work) in London at the moment? 5)The child______(go) to bed at eight oclock. 6)I ______(not study) at the moment Past: 7)We______(listen) to the radio when it suddenly______(stop) working 8)_______(they thank)you when you gave them the money? 9)When I arrived,they______(say)hello but continued working. 10)She______(drive)her car when she suddenly felt ill.
Помогите написать письмо на 150 слов по английски!
Write a letter (about 150 words) to your English speaking penfriend describing an
event when you got into trouble in your childhood:
• when, where and what happened;
• how you felt then;
• how it ended;
• how you feel about it now.
Сейчас мне 15! В письме должно быть минимум 2 абзаца, в самом письме 120 — 150 слов.
Heroes and celebrities

Back in the twentieth century there was a British punk rock song that repeated over and over again the claim that there were «no more heroes anymore». Calmer critics and social commentators have agreed that the age of the hero is over. In the past people had heroes. They were the most prominent figures in the public consciousness — people who had achieved great things, people who had done great deeds — proud, noble leaders and bold pioneers.

The myth of the hero, though, could not survive when public life came to be dominated by the mass media. The mass media killed off the heroes and replaced them with celebrities. To become a celelbrity what matters is not so much the greatness of what you have done but the exposure you are given in the media.

The mass media is not solely responsible for the death of the hero.A democratic culture also undermines the idea that certain individuals carry a divine spark and are therefore in a category superior to that of the rest of us. No one deserves to be worshipped and there is a revulsion at the idea of bending the knee and kissing the hand of another individual.

The critical gaze of the psychologist and sociologist have also entered public consciousness, adding to the forces tearing down the statues of the past. The drives of a great individual are seen to have their roots in an unhappy youth, an obsession with his mother or being spurned by a lover; and his great ambition is said to stem from an early inability to simply hang out with the boys and have a good time. The achievements remain but the man himself emerges from the analysis without a shred of nobility.

Having killed the hero we have replaced him with a distinctively modern public figure: the celebrity. As one commentator put it: the celebrity is a person who is known for being well-known. Any exposure in the media helps to increase someone's status as a celebrity. Celebrities offer exclusive stories to increase their exposure, the media promote them to increase their ratings, and we collude by paying so much attention to the glossy features, the exclusive interviews, and the various scandals and intrigues. They have no reason to object to invasions of their private lives because this just keeps their names on everyone's lips, which is all that really matters.

To become a celebrity it is more important to have a good press agent than it is to be a big achiever, which is one of the reasons why figures from the worlds of light entertainment and sports are some of the most successful celebrities. It is in these fields that being a household name is the key to clinching the next big contract and the next lucrative advertising deal. With cleverly crafted media events in which managers collaborate with magazine editors and programme directors it is possible to give these figures a level of exposure which is out of all proportion to their actual achievements.

For many people, the heroes of the past were an inspiration, they broadened our horizons by giving us an example of a course of action that could be considered noble. Celebrities, on the other hand, with the string of stories about their hardships and their lucky breaks, their affairs and their break-ups, prove to be nothing out of the ordinary. Reading about their lives does not inspire us or fill us with purpose. If it isn't just an idle diversion — a way of killing time — it may well help us to resign ourselves to our own sense of purposelessness. It may be fun, but perhaps something that helped to raise the tone of public life has been lost.

Перепишіть наступні речення. Підкресліть Participle I та Participle II і визначте функції кожного з них, тобто укажіть, чи є воно означенням, обставиною або частиною дієслова-присудка. Перекладіть речення українською мовою.

1. Röntgen called a new kind of rays X-rays, the letter X meaning an unknown.

2.The first object observed by Galileo through the telescope was the Moon.

3.Studying the nature of light and color Newton carried out many experiments with a prism.

4.Lomonosov entered the Slavonic-Greek-Latin Academy concealing his peasant origin.

согласный; b) железная воля, железная дорога, железный век; c) золотая рыбка, золотая валюта, золотая середина, золотое сердце, золотое шитье, золотые волосы, золотой песок, золотой шанс, зо­лотая корона, золотая свадьба, золотая молодежь, золотой тре­угольник, золотые прииски, золотые пляжи; d) женская одежда, женская школа, женская походка, существитель­ное женского рода, женское (феминистское) движение, женские руки, женская литература; e) смертный приговор, смертная казнь, смертный час, смертное су­щество, смертельная рана, смертельный враг, смертельный яд, мертвые, смертельная болезнь, смертный грех, умирающий, смер­тельное оружие, похоронный марш, Мертвое море, смертельно обиженный, смертельная схватка, смертельная опасность, бес­смертный, детская смертность, смертельная доза наркотика.
Помощь в прохождении морских тестов. Качественно и быстро. Marlins test / Марлинс тест, обычный (с ссылкой/без ссылки) Seagull, набор тестов 1-20 CES test (Competence Evaluation System) / ЦЕС-тест, сложны Marlins test / Марлинс тест с сертификатом Seagull, набор тестов 20-45 CES test (Competence Evaluation System) / ЦЕС-тест, компанейский Furuno Ecdis / Фуруно Экдис CES (STCW) Safety Awareness Test Collision Avoidance Transas 4000 Videotel / Видеотел Safebridge Сonsilium S-Ecdis / Сэйфбридж Консилиум С-Экдис CBT test, Seagull Computer Based Training
representative of a large Las Vegas casino saw the act and invited them to perform in Las Vegas. They became so popular that a casino was actually built around their act and their own specially designed theatre was built. They had a cast and crew of over 250 and did over 5,000 performances. 1) Increasing success 2) Developing interests 3) An unusual combination 4) A final comeback
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Перепишите следующие предложения в Passive Voice, определите время и вид сказуемого, переведите предложения .

It has been scientifically proved that the majority of earthquakes is directly connected with dislocations and mountain-making processes and generally occurs in young mountains which have not yet ceased growing.

However, in some cases earthquakes may occur in older mountains, in which the mountain- making

processes have been revived.

However, there are other seismic phenomena which are not directly connected with mountain-making

Перепишите следующие предложения в Passive Voice, определите время и вид сказуемого, переведите предложения .

It has been scientifically proved that the majority of earthquakes is directly connected with dislocations and mountain-making processes and generally occurs in young mountains which have not yet ceased growing.

However, in some cases earthquakes may occur in older mountains, in which the mountain- making

processes have been revived.

However, there are other seismic phenomena which are not directly connected with mountain-making

Помогите, пожалуйста, перевести. 3. На нее всегда приятно смотреть. 4. Это и есть то платье, которое ты купила? Мне кажется, оно не подходит тебе по размеру. Ты его примеряла, когда покупала? 5. Я никогда не принимала их точку зрения. У меня всегда было свое мнение. Я не собираюсь отказываться от своих принципов.
but they must carry on the study until they see the nature of numbers with the mind only.” b.Descartes, father of modernism, said, “All nature is a vast geometrical system. Thus all the phenomena of nature are explained and some demonstration of them can be given.” c.In Descartes’ words, “You give me extension and motion then I’ll construct the universe.” d.The often repeated motto on the entrance to Plato’s Academy said, “None ignorant of geometry enter here.” e.J.Kepler affirmed: “ The reality of the world consists of its maths relations. Maths laws are true cause of phenomena. ” f.I.Newton said, “ I don’t know what I may appear to the world; but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself now and then by finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than usual; whist the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.If I saw a little farther than others, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants ”.
Вопрос задан анонимно
M O D E L: They looked at the picture with admiration. The picture was looked at with admiration. 1. They listened to his lectures with great interest. 2. He throws away all his old note-books at the end of the school year. 3. You must think the matter over. 4. They spoke to the Dean on the subject. 5. We must send for the doctor immediately. 6. People talk much about this film. 7. People always laughed at his jokes. 8. They argued about the incident for a long time. 9. We can’t speak of such important matters lightly. 10. She likes when people talk about her.
окружение. так-вот меню имеет заголовок Position (Позиция, Отношение) и включает четыре варианта Passive (Пассивный), Neutral (нейтральный), Attack YOUR Target (Атаковать ВАШУ цель), Aggressive (Агрессивный). Так вот как бы вы перевели данные параметры, и как вы бы отнеслись если это меню называлось «Степень агрессии», или «Нрав», передадут ли они изначальный смысл поведения, хочу услышать развернутый ответ по ним. А так-же, я хотел перевести все так Нрав(Инертный, Оборонительный, Содействующий, Агрессивный), хотелось бы узнать ваше мнение как лингвиста, потому как математики меня не слушают, считают бредом выражение «Степень агрессии».
2. Подчеркните союзы в предложениях и определите тип придаточного предложения. 1. Concrete is weak in tension, so reinforcing bars overcome this weakness. 2. The town where I grew up is in the United States.
3. Because it was expensive, we were not able to buy the excavator.
4. The player, who ran the wrong way, misunderstood the signal.
5. A student who is diligent is sure to succeed in life.
6. Before I taught English, I worked in a library.
7. Some students listen to music while they study.
8. Although he finished the book, he still needs to study his notes on it.
9. “I wouldn’t marry you even if you were the last man on earth!”
10.If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?
11.“Try to act as if you were a civilized human being.”

1) Use the correct form of the verb in brackets in the active voice. Translate the sentences into Russian:

1. As our agronomist (to recommend) we (to spread) manure on this field


2.People (to keep) domesticated animals either in barns or on pastures.

3.The production of dairy products constantly (to increase) in Russia at


4.What animals (to use) people as draft animals in the 18th century?

5.For many centuries people in Africa (to breed) camels, but even now a white camel (to be) an exotic animal.

2) Use the correct form of the adjective or adverb in brackets. Translate the sentences into Russian:

1.It was (easy) to cultivate this new field than the farmer had thought.

2.Nowadays we use (modern) machinery than ten years ago.

3.Some cattle breeds require (hot) climate for growth than others.

3). Translate the sentences into Russian paying attention to the modal verbs:

1.Scientists ought to carry out many experiments before the animal cloning may become a routine procedure in the breeding of farm animals.

2.If the weather is windy and rainy hill sheep and cattle will have to stop grazing to look for grounds and shelter.

3.According to the agreement with a farmer, a veterinary surgeon is to examine farm animals regularly.

4.Livestock often eat forage and other food sources that humans are not able to eat, and convert them to types of food that humans can consume.

5.In order to maintain animals in healthy condition, each farmer must follow certain sanitary requirements.

необходимо тщательно подготовиться. Подскажите, а ведь ЕГЭ будет только в рамках пройденной школьной программы или стоит глубже учить?
______ a mistake. 2. I am glad you _______ it. 3. It was hard but we _______ a significant profit. Answer: made A. What word is missing? 1. My family always gives me love and _________. 2. Our community is going to ___________ planting trees in the area. 3. He doesn’t seem to have any ___________ for his theory. B. What word is missing? 1. Your stories are at _______s. 2. He used to do _______ jobs for a living. 3. I always revise for my exams. I never take exams on an ______ chance. C. What word is missing? 1. Our plans to travel abroad went by _______ for lack of money. 2. The company pays her 200 $ a week plus ______ and lodging. 3. The director has to take our opinion on _______ before making

По правилам артикль не ставится перед существительным в притяжательном падеже, если это существительное является именем собственным:
Smith's coat, America's economic problems, Hook's law.

Увидел исключение (ниже).


a Smith coat, the America economic problems, the Hook law

Хотел уточнить в чем разница между такими формами (если она есть).

1. The output can be increased by raising labour productivity. 2. the company manager spoke about the possibilityof decreasing the production cost. 3. management is the process of achieving the desired results with the resources available. 4. spending cuts are one of the major objectives of the government. 5. a new firm can`t enter the market without its goods being distinguished from others by means of an original trademark. 6. investors insisted on being informed about the financial position of the project they supported. 7. the difference in the results obtained appears to be due to the equipment depreciation having been calculated by different methods. 8. a company keeping records accurately is very important both for a company and tax authorities. 9. the director was against the idea of a preliminary meeting being held before the main conference. 10. tge bankers suggested Mr. Black`s paying the interest on the loan within 3 days.
1. The engineers consider their discovery to produce great changes in the field of electronics. 2. Since thebeginning of the 1990s, new high-speed rail lines in Spain have been built to standard gauge to allow these lines to link to the European high-speed network. 3. People believed James Watt to be the inventor of the first steam engine because the work of Polsunov remained unknown for more than a century.
Complete these short conversations. Put in the structures with «so» or «not» and use the words in brackets.
Laura: Does the library open on Saturdays? (think) Trevor: Yes, / think so. But I'm not absolutely certain.
Harriet: You can't go out for an evening meal wearing shorts, (guess) Mike: / guess not. I'd better put some trousers on.
Sarah: Will there be a lot of people at the concert tonight? (expect) Mark: There aren't usually very many.
Daniel: Are you going to apply for the job? (suppose) Vicky: It's the only one available.

David: Do you think it's going to rain? (hope)
Melanie: Well, I'm just about to go out.

Nick: Will the match take place in this weather? (think) Tom: In fact, I'm sure it won't.

Claire: Are my photos ready, please? (afraid)

Assistant: We're having problems with the machine.
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