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1. The receptionist was asked a lot of questions
2. The gypsies' camp was flooded by a rainstorm
3. The even has been planned to finish at five o'clock by the organizers
4. These photographs were taken by Sam
5. The tests were suggested to be made easier by them.
6. Is Latin taught at this school?
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1) At the age of 16 every citizen of Great Britain must take GCSE exams. 2) Advanced level exams are required to be accepted to the university 3) British universities are completely self-governing 4) In 1992 polytechnic institutions were given the right to become universities 5) Open university, widely known for its distant learning processes, was founded in 1969 6) During the 60s there was a prominent growth in in the number of universities in the UK 7) The education grant amount is determined based on the parents' income.
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1 will have to, 2 is, 3 need, 4 will be, 5 am meeting (will meet), 6 means, 7 will not be, 8 isn't landing (will not land), 9 will switch, 10 will send, 11 will be, 12 will inform
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