Ramnery Lugo Rosa

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Специалист в области иностранных языков (Английский, Испанский, Французский, Португальский, Итальянский) - степень бакалавра с отличием, университет Пуэрто Рико. Большой опыт переводческой деятельности и преподавания иностранных языков. Если вы хо Узнать подробнее

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Foreign languages, computer science.

Образование : подтверждено

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Any time after 8 am London time


2012 — worked as a teacher of English in Brazil
2013 — worked as a teacher of Portuguese in Puerto Rico

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1. out of
2. on/in
3. from
4. to
5. in
6. to
7. in
8. out of
9. of
10. in
11. from/in. out of/in
12. to/out of
14. from/ on
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1. I haven't slept the night. I fell sleepy now.
2. My friend hasn't come to college. He's in the hospital now.
3. I haven't seen this film yet. I'll watch it tomorrow.
4. I have lost my railway ticket. I can't go home now.
5. Our chief has left for London. It's time to party now.
6. We have spent a weekend in the country. We are very tired now.
7. We haven't had lunch yet. We are dying of hunger.
8. I haven't done my homework yet. I'm watching TV.
9. My brother has lost his watch. My mum is going to kill him.
10. I have left my driving license at home. Please, let me go with a warning, officer.
11. I have forgotten my colleague's telephone number. I have such a bad memory.
12. I have already heard this story. You are so repetitive.
13. I have already written an application. I hope they'll call me. 
14. We have found a good specialist at the university. It's great news.
15. My brother has made a lot of mistakes in his exercises. He's not very smart.
16. Our neighbour hasn't bought a new computer yet. His computer is very outdated.
17. My magazine has fallen down into the water. Thank's God it wasn't my phone.
18. I haven't sent a letter to my friend yet. I'm such a bad friend.
19. I have found these documents in the street. I know someone who might be interested in paying a good fortune for them.
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ex 4. before during after after
ex. 5. 2. got hungry
3. gets cold
4. got very angry
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Ramnery Lugo Rosa
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