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Выполню качественно и в кратчайшие сроки контрольные, упражнения по английскому языку разного уровня сложности, занимаюсь репетиторством более 5 лет.

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Минский Государственый Лингвистический Университет, Факультет английского языка.

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1. What film is on at the cinema this week? 
2. I watched a concert given by a famous symphony orchestra.
3. I always get a seat in the balcony when I go to the theatre. I can see much better from up there.
4. There was just one spotlight on the singer. The rest of the stage was in darkness.
5. I didn't think the joke he told was at all funny.
6 .The announcer apologised to viewers for the delay.
7. The dress-rehearsal was terrible. Let's hope the first night will be much better.
8. The critic in the newspaper said it was the best film of the year.
9. After ten hours in the recording studio, the group were finally satisfied.
10. The director asked the scriptwriter to change some of the lines in the first part of the film.
11. When the leading man became ill, his understudy had to take his place.
12. As soon as the lights went up for the interval, the children rushed to the front to buy ice creams.
13. Not all LP singers are large, you known!14. I've got us two seats in row D, near the from!15. In the final scene of the film, the hero rode off into the sunset.16. A string broke as she was playing her violin.17. That piano sounds out of tune to me!18. Her latest opera contains a new extended version of her hit record.
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is based, is chosen, has been translated, has been shown and seenwere designed, will be remembered, must be seen
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