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What would you guess about the utterance like this: I'd repaired your device  before I've dropped it before you come?
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4. it (rains) almost every day.-a repititive event. I think if we change «every day» with «all the time» then we can use present perfect.
    it has rained almost all the time. 
9. Is it the first time he (sees) a tiger? — in this way we can say  when being in the Zoo now and standing near the cage with a tiger.
    Is it the first time he (has seen) a tiger?-after visiting a Zoo.
 I think two variants are possible.

10.That’s the third time I (phone) her today.- I think we can say in this way during dialing (at the moment of dialing) of a telephone number, we describe a repetitive event (the event repeats three times).
That’s the third time I (have phoned) her today.-the moment after making a call. Two variants are possible.
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1. Because of your not having booked tickets  the day before mister Smith will have to go by car. You have not booked tickets the day before that's why mister Smith must go by car.

2. We shall pity the goods to be arrived with delay. It will be a pity for us if the goods is arrived with delay.
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