Galina Davidson

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Hello, So glad you have reached out to share your concerns or to just talk. I am a trained counsellor with a level 4 AQA diploma and am looking to train as I volunteer benefiting others as well as myself. Hope we get to talk. Regards, Galina

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Social anxiety
Domestic violence
Self discovery
If you are looking for someone to facilitate your achieving change whatever it may be, from reducing anxiety or feelings of depression/emptiness to building self-confidence or simply having someone listen to you for a number of sessions, please get in touch. I am looking to offer 45 minute slots for a number of sessions as long as it takes to achieve the change that you want. It would be helpful if you are in the same/similar time zone (GMT +1 — Spain) to avoid time differences as it makes it tricky to arrange sessions.

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AQA diploma in therapeutic counselling

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Weekends flexible hours, weekdays by agreement


I have worked with a Domestic Violence charity project in UK 2013-2014. I am currently a student of an Open University, degree in Psychology and want to continue my practice in therapeutic counselling on voluntary basis.

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Galina Davidson
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