Перекладiть на українську, будь ласка!!!!!! The heart is an inner hollow muscular organ placed within the chest and included in the pericardium. The

base of the heart is against the third rib. The weight of the heart is about 300 grams (gr) in the male and about 220 gr in the female. The heart consists of two separate chambers divided by the septum. Each of the chambers has two connected parts: the atrium and the ventricle. The right atrium is larger than the left one, but the walls of the left atrium are thicker than those of the right one. The right ventricle is triangular (треугольный) in form and has thick walls. The ventricle is in the anterior part of the hear. The muscular structure of the heart consists of fibrous bands. The human heart contracts from the first moment of life until the last one. The contractions of the heart pump the blood through the arteries to all the parts of the body. The total weight of blood pumped by the heart daily is about ten tons.In the adult the heart makes from 60 to 72 beats per minute. In children the rate of heartbeat is much higher. The rate of heartbeat increases depending on different emotions. Physiologists found out that the muscle works or contracts about one third of the person's life. The blood vessels or vascular system consists of three groups of vessels: arteries, veins and capillaries. The nourishment from the digestive system, the oxygen from the lungs pass through the walls of capillaries into the body tissues. The impurities from the tissues taken up by the capillaries are carried away in the blood. The capillary system is a network all over the body. When they joint a together, they get larger and become veins, The vessels carrying blood to and from the tissues of the body compose the general system. They are called the systemic vessels. The pulmonary system is formed by the vessels carrying blood to and from the lung. The portal system is formed by the veins passing to the liver The arteries dilate and contract simultaneously with the action of the heart.
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