помогите с заданием Task 1. Open the brackets, using the required grammar forms of the language unit in them. One bright summer morning a

well-dressed young man who 1(to look) _____________ like a gentleman 2 (to come) ______________ to see a wellknown dentist in Picadilly street. He 3 (to show) _________________ into the waiting-room by the nurse and she 4(to tell) _______________ him that the dentist 5 (to be) ready to see him in a few minutes. The dentist 6 (to attend) ___________ to another case at that time but he 7( to happen) ______________ to look through the door which only partially 8 (to shut) __________________. He 9 (to see) __________ that the man 10 (to put) ___________ various silver things into his 3 4 pockets. The dentist requested he to come into his dentistry and to be seated. On finishing the examination he said: “ If you 11 (not to try) ______________ your pockets two of you front tooth 12 (to pull out) _________ right now.” Task 2. Choose a word which is an antonym to the underlined one.1) He is usually in at this time. a) at b) on c) out d) from e) over 2)The sky was cloudy and it looked like rain. a) dark b)grey c) clean d)pale e)clear Task 3. Choose a word or phrase synonymic to the underlined one. 1) She finished school last year. a) came out b)graduated from c)went out of d)left e)abandoned 2) In the end she turned down the proposal. a) turned off b)gave up c) accepted d)denied e)disliked Task 4. Choose the sentence which contains no mistakes. 1) a) There was no a book on the desk. b) She was late for 10 minutes that day. c) The meeting took place in the central square. d) I`ll be happy if he will help me to do this task. Task 5. Fill in the gap with a word derived from the one given in the brack ets. 1) He thinks that his ideas are more (progress) than mine. 2) The (high) of the tower is about fifty metres.


Первое задание:
1 looked 2 came 3 was shown 4 told 5 would be 6 was attending 7 happened 8 was shut 9 saw 10 was putting 11 don't try 12 will be pulled out.
Второе задание:
1) c) out
2) b) grey
Третье задание:
1) d) left
2) d) denied
 Задание № 4:
1) b) She was late for 10 minutes that day.
Задание №5:
1) progressive
2) height

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