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составить сочинение 7-10 предложений на тему Should cars be banned from city centres? 

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The problem of traffic jams is very popular especially in the big cities.
Everyone wants to feel comfortable and buys cars.
But our city streets were built many years ago, when a few people had their own cars.
The architectors didn't think about the times when every family has their own car or, may be, some cars.
That is the reason for traffic jams, that's why, in my view, cars should be banned from city centres.
The solution is a free usage of public transport.
If, for example, you left your car somewhere near the border of the town, you should get the free ticket and use public transport.
So, the problem can be solved, but only when the government realises that it is quite serious.
The more it procrastinates, the messier this problem becomes.

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