помогите пожалуйста сделать английский XI. Put in the pronouns a, b, c, d or e. a) some; b) any; c) no; d) none; e) no one 1. I wanted to find some...

coffee but there was… in the house. 2. He is here all day. You can find him… time between nine and six. 3. You are expecting… to call, are you? 4. Would you have… more tea? — Thank you. 5. I see… cucumbers in the salad; why haven't you added any? 6. There isn't… milk left. Will you buy some? 7. Why are… people so boring? 8. That's the only way out. There is… other choice. XII. Give the comparative and superlative degrees of the following adjectives and adverbs. 1. cold; 2. important; 3. happy; 4. active; 5. simple; 6. famous; 7.difficult; 8. busy; 9. much. 10. badly; 11. well; 12. correctly; 13. bravely; 14. hard; 15. quickly XIII. Choose the right form (a, b, c) of the adjective in the following sentences. 1. Life is (easy) it used to be. A so easy as B more easy than C easier than 2.I'm getting (fat) and (fat). A the fattest and the fattest B fatter and fatter C fat and fat 3. The problem was (serious) we expected. A seriouser than B more serious than C most serious 4. Moscow is (large) city in Russia. A the largest B largest C larger 5. Let's go by train. It's much (cheap). A cheap B cheaper C the cheapest 6. This is (old) theatre in London. A an older B the oldest C the eldest 7. I earn (little) money than he does. A littler B more little C less 8. He has (much) time than me. A many B much C more 9. Your cottage isn't (far) I thought. A farther B so far as C as farther as 10. (Old) I get, (happy) I am. A The oldest, the happiest B Older, happier C The older, the happier 11. The grass is always (green) on the other side. A greener B green C most greener 12. Dad often says that Mom is his (good) half. A good B better C the better 13. Kate is (clever) than Helene. She is always ready to answer the teacher’s questions. A cleverer B the cleverest C more clever 14. The days in winter are (short) than in summer. A shorter B the shortest C the short 15. The river is (long) in the world. A longer B the longest C the longer 16. The book is (interesting) than the film. A more interesting B the interesting C the most interesting 17. Computers are (complicated) nowadays. A more complicated B the most complicated C the complicated 18. Your answer is (good) than your friend’s is. A better B the better C good 19. We have no (far) information. A the far B further C farther 20. Where is (near) underground station, please? A the near B the nearest C the next XIV. Open the brackets, give the comparative and superlative forms of the following adjectives and adverbs. 1. Silver is (heavy) than copper. 2. My cigarettes are (bad) than yours. 3. Yesterday was the (hot) day we have had this summer. 4. The Battle of Stalingrad was (great) battle of all times. 5. His plan is (practical) than yours. 6. He is the (good) of my friends. 7. The woman said she had been treated (badly) than a slave. 8. The Neva is (wide) and (deep) than the Moskva River. 9. This exercise is (good) than the last one. 10. He is (young) as my brother. XV. Put the adverbs in a correct place in a sentence. 1. Have you seen him (yet)? 2. She tells me funny stories (sometimes). 3. They are late (always). 4. I phone to him (often), but he phones me back (seldom). 5. It was late in the day and the sun had disappeared (almost). 6. He has been invited there (never). 7. They will arrive (tomorrow, here). 8. I did the work (well). 9. I have money to buy the radio set (enough). 10. She forgot about it (quite). XVI. Translate this text into Russian. The Nation's Economy The economy of the country is like a machine which provides us with things we need, i.e. goods and services. The economy creates the wealth of the country. The better it works the better off are the people. The government through its economic policy plays an important role in the control of the economy machine. The major branches of economic policy are fiscal and monetary policies. Fiscal policy is concerned with taxes and government spending activities. Monetary policy is concerned with controlling the supply of money and credit. A nation's economy can be divided into three sectors of activity. The primary sector deals with extraction of minerals, agriculture, fishing and forestry. Processing of the primary sector materials and production of manufactured goods is the field of the manufacturing sector. The service sector provides services of various kinds such as transportation, distribution, catering as well as financial services and tourism. The role of the manufacturing sector in the advanced industrialised countries is decreasing while the service sector is becoming more important.
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