. Поставьте в притяжательном падеже: 1. The book of this writer is interesting. 2. The foot of my son is big. 3. The prospects of the company are

good. 4. These are the notebooks of his students. 5. The newspaper of the party was a daily one. 6. The uncle of Tom is a scientist. 7. The favourite sport of my brother is tennis. 8. The programme of two months was fulfilled. 9. The dream of the mankind to fly into space came true.


1. This writer's book is interesting.
2. My son's foot is big.
3. The company's prospects are good.
4. These are his students' notebooks.
5. The party's newspaper was a daily one.
6. Tom's uncle is a scientist.
7. My brother's favourite sport is tennis.
8. Two months' programme was fulfilled.
9. The mankind's dream to fly into space came true.


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Юлия Скородумова

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Эльгиз Заманович

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