здраствуйте,скажите пожалуйста нету ли в тексте ошибок? The article is taken from www.bbc.com/news/business and is written by Monty Munford, an

Economics editor. As the title implies the article describes mobile banking. The main idea of the article is to tell the advantages of mobile banking. It should be noted that, mobile banking has changed the way we manage our money for good, and is saving us billions in bank charges. A mention should be made about Charlie Kingston, a 22-year-old software engineer. He said that he joined the mobile banking to get more control over his money. And mobile banking gave him a quick and astute overview of how he spends his money. Also in the article it is reported that europeans could be saving up to £7bn a year in financial fees. In my opinion this is a very large amount. In fact, mobile banking is not something new, especially in a country like Africa. The reason why mobile banking has proved so successful in Africa is that traditional banking structures were inaccessible to most people.It was mobile or nothing. This article is of great interest for the younger generation. Reasons I think everyone understands. In general, it can be concluded that mobile banking can make our life easier and cheaper. And this article is a good proof of this statement.
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