Fill in the gaps with appropriate verbs using the -ing form: 1)__(1)__is not allowed in the library; in fact, there is a big notice: SILENCE.

2) My sister is rather shy, and never tries to speak English because she is afraid of__(2)__mistakes.

3) My trip round the world cost me a lot of money, but it was a wonderful experience and I don’t regret_(3)_so much. I particularly enjoyed_(4)_the Far East.

8. Complete the sentences with the given words. Use a gerund, an infinitive, or go + a gerund.

I have a great job at Kora Computer Company in Mexico City, Mexico. I love my job, but I am getting tired of the traffic in Mexico City. I would like to get a job in a smaller city, even though I enjoy (work) __(1)__with the people at Kora. I have been thinking about (move) __(2)__my family to another city and (find)__(3)__a job there. Every night I plan (talk)__(4)__to my wife about (move)__(5)__and (change) __(6)__jobs, but I always put off (talk)__(7)__to her.

9. Choose the prefix which gives the adjective the opposite meaning:

1) literate people: a.un- b. dis- c. il-

2) specified request a. dis- b. un- c. in-

3) intangible asset: a. un- b. dis- c. in-

10. Choose the suffix which forms the word that makes sense:

1) tax_______ a.-ation b.-dom с.-ment

2) stor______ a. -ation b. -ance с -age

3) recruit______ a. -ness b. -hood с –ment

11. Choose the word to match the definition (A) or write the words after the definitions (B):

A. 1)a movement to a more important job, with more responsibility and money

a. career b. promotion с recruitment

2) to ask for money as the price of something

a. charge b. credit с borrow

B. 1) a company or person that buys your product _________________

2) a person who deals with the image of a company __________________

3) companies that do work for you that you can't do yourself __________________

12. Choose the sentence which is close in its meaning to the statement:

The hard fact is that money really does make the world go round.

a. Money does a world of good.

b. The world can easily do without money.

с. The world cannot exist without money.

13. Choose the alternative to express the same idea as the phrase italicized:

1) Our machine which is used for reproducing texts isn't working,

a. fax b. photocopier с word processor

2) Ford is one of the most famous companies, which operates in many different countries.

a. holding company b. subsidiary с multinational company

3) The top managers are responsible for meeting the companies objectives.

a. planning b. setting с achieving

14. Choose the best preposition to fill in the gaps. Then put the parts of a business letter in the correct order:

(A) Yours faithfully,

Tony Ellis

Public Relations Officer

(B) Dear Sir/Madam,

© 20 May 2005

(D) We look forward (1) [(a) to / (b) from] hearing from you (2) [(a) in / (b) on] the near future.

(E) Just fill (3) [(a) in / (b) on] the enclosed form and return it (4) [(a) to / (b) at] us

(5) [(a) with / (b) for] a cheque for one hundred pounds, or phone Suzie

(6) [(a) in / (b) on] 0340 505505, and the job you've always dreamed of could be yours.

(F) If you register (7) [(a) with /(b) for] us, we will send your CV (8) [(a) to/ (b) at]

a long list of potential employers.

(G)We are an employment agency that specializes (9) [(a) in / (b) on] finding positions

(10) [(a) for / (b) from] top sales people.

(H) Liverpool

(J) Bridge Road

(K) 121

(L) CM20 8QW


15. Complete these sentences by matching the beginnings (1-5) with the endings (a-e):

1. I've heard you're looking

a. a result I lost my job.

2. She's got a strong background

b. with confidential documents?

3. I'd be grateful

с. in electronics.

4. The factory closed and as

d. for your opinion.

5. Has he ever worked

e. for a mayor assistant.

16. Match the appropriate subject line with the following passages of the letters.

1) Thank you for your letter of 15 February, asking a reference for Henry James. It is a pleasure to offer comments on this individual.

2) Thank you for your letter of 10 August. I am pleased to accept your offer of the post of Sales Manager.

3) It is with the deepest regret that I am giving you the required one month's notice of my decision to leave the company.

4) Please would you reserve a double room for myself, my husband and two children aged 4 and 8 for 15, 16 and 17 July (3 night bed and breakfast).

5) In response to your letter of 17th March, we thank you for sending us your catalogues of men's silk shirts. We are enclosing our Order No. 144, and would ask you to return its duplicate.

a) Abt: Reservation

b) Abt: Our Order for Silk Shirts

c) Abt: Henry James

d) Abt: Resignation

e) Abt: Your Offer of Position as Sales Manager

17. Choose the right answer:

1) The oldest part and the historical center of London is ___________.

a. the East End b. the City c. the West End

2) ________ is the center of theatre life in New York.

a. Fifth Avenue b. High Street

c. Wall Street d. Broadway

3) Great Britain consists of ___________________. (choose a few answers).

a. Northern Ireland b. Scotland

c. Wales d. Southern Ireland

e. England f. Iceland

4) When is Independence Day in the USA?

a. the 4th of June b. the 4th of July

c. the 7th of July d. the 9th of June

5) Give English equivalents to the Russian abbreviation OOO (общество с ограниченной ответственностью):

a. Ltd b. Corp.

c. Pic. d. Co

18. Read the dialogue and choose the phrase which is impossible on a business meeting.

a. – Good morning! My name is John White. I am a lawyer from White&Co. Here is my business card.

b. – Good morning. It is nice to meet you. My name is Nick Brilks. I am form SMT Industry. Here is my card. Please feel free to call me at my office.

c. – Hi, guys! I haven’t seen you for ages!

d. — Thank you, I am happy to meet you too.

Complete the text with the words in the box.

boss; careers; contracts; course; degree; employees; employer; employs; profession; qualifications; recruit; skills

Our company uses a professional agency to ……. (1) new …….(2). The company is a management consultancy, so most new workers have a university …….(3), even if they have little experience in this particular …….(4). Also, it’s quite typical for people to have done other jobs during their ……. (5) before becoming management consultants. The company ……. (6) about 500 people.


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