Здравствуйте,помогите пожалуйста с английским!!! Make up sentences of the following words:

. Make up sentences of the following words:
1) especially popular; young people; extreme sports; are; Nowadays; among.
2) experience; extreme sports; You; various; can; thrilling emotions; doing.
3) have; danger; All kind of; high; extreme sports; level of.
4) a high level of; The main components of; special an extreme sport; and; physical training; are, height.
5) attracts; Snowboarding; the mountain; incredible feelings; teenagers; descend; when; because of; from; you.
6) One of; dangerous; the most; snowrafting; winter sports; the main; is; where; a rubber boat; equipment; is.
7) need; All kinds; special; of; equipment; sports; extreme.
8) a lot of; new; There are; extreme sports; the world; kinds of; appear; which; all round.
9) a special power; that; and; physical activity; Extreme sports; attracts; have; involves people; in.
10) If; to be; you; healthy; want; should better; you; make, your body; strong; and; fit; keep yourself.

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1) Nowadays extreme sports are especially popular among  young people.
2) You can  experience various thrilling emotions doing extreme sports.
3)  All kind of extreme sports have high  level of danger.
4)  The main components of special an extreme sport are height  and a high level of physical training.
5)  Snowboarding attracts teenagers because of incredible feelings when  you descend from the mountain.
6) One of the most dangerous winter sports is  snowrafting  where the main equipment a rubber boat is.
7) All kinds of extreme sports need special equipment.
8) There are a lot of new kinds of extreme sports which  appear which all round.the world.
 9) Extreme sports attracts people that have a special power and involves in physical activity.
10) If you want to be healthy and make your body strong  you should better keep yourself  fit.

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Елена Васильевна

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