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1. The customer asked whether he had been able to buy a pair of skates in their shop.
The shop assistant responded positively and continued that the department the customer wanted was on the second floor.
The customer thanked and then asked where they sold warm boots. 
The shop assistant told him that it was situated on that very floor, over there on the left.
The customer thanked him again.

2. The customer asked if the shop assistant would show him another coat, since the color of that coat was not liked by him.

The shop assistant suggested him another coat in a lighter color, then interested whether the size of that was suitable and whether the customer liked that.
The customer answered that everything would be all right and asked to try that.
The shop assistant responded positively and added that the coat was very nice, but more expensive that the previous one.
The customer told him that that was irrelevant and he would take that, and then interested its cost.

3. Jack asked if that tie would match his new suit.
Mary answered that it was not quite good since it was too dark, so Jack shouldn't buy it.
Jack asked about the other one and Mary approved his new choice. She told that the new one looked different and they should take that. 


Лучший ответ по мнению автора

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