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Пожалуйста, проверьте кто-нибудь! «There's so much pollution in the air now that if it weren't for our lungs there would be no place to put it all.» It was quotations by Robert Orben. His words counts a great wisdom because in modern world a lot of environmental problems. We could even say that it is a topical issue.
How often people think about safety of area near them? We can't see chemical compounds in the air, but many of them are very dangerous for our health.
We humans are a part of nature. To save our race we should take care about nature like about high values.
Yes, author says about air pollution ironically, but if we begin to muse, we will be worried about it.
Only imagine life without plants, people, animals — just foggy desert, fatality and loneliness settled here. I think it's really sad, i don't want such a future for our planet.
It is worth thinking about the direction in which develop modern technology. There is so much machines to help people. I think it leads to degradations. It would be better if people will make machines for saving nature and health. Also it's very important to everyone can use these machines and not only rich people.
So it's very necessary to save our world. I agree with author's wisdom and it would be great if many people will stop and begin think about nature. Пожаловаться Редактировать
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