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Ответьте на следующие вопросы. a) Which day of the week do you like the best and why? b) What time do you get up on Sunday? c) What do you do in the morning? d) How do you usually spend your days off? e) Do you often go to the country on your weekends? f) What are the best placesinyourtown?g) Do you often go to see your friends? h) How often do you spend the weekend with your parents? i) Do you sometimes go to the theatre? j) How do you usually spend the evenings? k) How do you plan to spend your next Sunday?

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1. I like friday more than any other day, because at this day you really feeling the end of the week and you know that the weekend is ahead.

2. On Sunday I get up at 10-30am.

3. In the morning I have breakfast after I go to surf the Internet to check my e-mail and social web-sites.

4. Usually I spend all days long with my 6month old baby boy. he takes a lot of my attention.

5. No, I prefer to spend weekends at home.

6. The best places in my city are Kremlin and the centre of the city.

7. Not often, but sometimes I meet my friends.

8. My parents live far from me, thats why I don't spend weekends with them.

9. No, unfortunatelly I don't go to the theatre.

10. The evenings I usually spend with my family — my hasband and son.

11. Next Sunday I'm planning to go out with my family, to have some rest outside, probably in a Mega Mall or another place to buy something.

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