into Russian. 1. to sail, to connect, to educate, to build, to create 2. Using the known suffixes and prefixes found the nouns from the next words

and translate it friend, leader, fellow 3. dark, weak, cold, bright, free Task #3 Translate the following sentences, using the words one (ones). 1. These shoes are too large; show me smaller ones, please. 2. One should be very attentive when crossing the street. 3. One never knows the result of the experiment. 4. This computer is more powerful than the one we need. 5. This antenna allows one to receive very weak signals. 6. One can expect better weather in two days. 7. We want to buy a big TV for the sitting room and a smaller one for the kitchen. 8. One must study hard to pass the examinations. 9. That is clear without explanation. 10. The methods they use are not the ones that lead to success.
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