Определите функции Participle I и переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. Being heated a magnet loses some or all of its magnetism.

2. A magnet attracts only things containing iron.

3. Having determined the relative weights of molecules we can find the relative weights of the atoms of which they are composed.

4. Having been carefully tested the device was put into operation.

5. Having a high melting point tungsten is widely used for the production of electric lamps.

6. Natural gas is the cheapest type of fuel and the most important raw material for the expanding chemical industry.

7. A neutron is a particle having the same mass as a proton, but carrying no electrical charge.

8. Metals being used in industry in the form of alloys have better properties than pure metals.

9. Among the distinguished atomic scientists the first place belongs by right to Academician Igor Kurchatov.

10. The temperature of the liquid obtained remained constant.

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