I Find the mistakes in...

I. Find the mistakes in the following sentences.<br />1.competitions<br />a) amendments<br />2. to go in pass<br />b) sport competitions <br />3. to take part in<br />c) better results<br />4. to show<br />d) developed<br />5. the most widespread <br />e) business, science, computer technology<br />6. the language of<br />f) for sports<br />7. to join g) a Constitution<br/>8. presidential h) minorities<br />9. to adopt i) elections<br />10. national j) in many kinds of sports<br />11. to contain k) the Council of Europe<br />12. highly 1) language<br />II. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box .<br />a) differences<br />b) systems<br />c) official<br />d) spoken<br />e) vocabulary<br />f) communities<br />English is a widely d (1) language in the world. It is the _______ ( 2) language <br />of such countries as Great Britain, Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. <br />English of these five English -speaking _________(3) is mutually intelligible <br />despite some slight ______ (4) in pronounciation, ________ (5), and grammar. <br />Their spelling ______ (6) differ to a certain degree, too.<br />III. Find the mistakes in the following sentences, rewrite them correctly and <br />translate.<br />1) English is speaking in many countries of the world .<br />А В C D<br />spoken_______________________________________________________________<br />___________________________________________________________________<br />В <br />2) What parts is Great Britain consist of. ____________________________<br />А В С D<br />3) — Ukraine joined to the Council of Europe in 1995. _______________________<br />А В C D<br />4) When I entered the room he wasn't been there, he was l ooking for his cat.<br />А В C D<br />___________________________________________________________________<br />_________________________________________________________________<br />5) — I phoned him last night, and his sister said that he went to the cinema .<br />А В C D<br />___________________________________________________________________<br />___________________________________________________________________<br />6) With what countries does Ukraine border? _______________________ __<br />А В C D<br />___________________________________________________________________<br />IV. You are to write a letter to your cousin who has got bad results in <br />English and doesn't war study it. In your letter, try to assure him/her of <br />the importance of knowing English nowadays, also of the necessity of <br />using it in different aspects practical, cultural, political, educatio nal.


Уважаемый(ая), с чем конкртено не согласны в выполненном мною предыдущем задании, и которое в такой непонятной форме было предложено для выполнения экспертам Вами, м, интересно было бы узнать? 

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