You have seen the following advertisement an want to apply for the job: ASSISTANT GROUP LEADER REQUIRED TO WORK AT AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE CAMP -> Must be responsible and have good communication

skills -> Must be at least 16 years old and speak English fluently -> Previous experience working with children preferred Apply in writing to: English language camp, 34 Bond Street, Cambridge, CB1 2TN, United Kingdom Write an email of 80-100 words in which you: say you are interested in the position; describe the qualifications that make you an ideal candidate; ask for information about dates, hours and duties. Write your email on your answer sheet.
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I was interested to see your advertisement for the job at an English language camp in Cambridge. I’m 20 years old and I know English very well. Previously I worked with children in summer camps and it was interesting for me. Besides, I’m very kind, responsible and I have good communication skills for this job. I have some questions about this job. Can you clarify for me how long the working day is? On what date would you want I will start to work? What education or certification will I need to work at an English language camp? What are the duties I have to perform if you take me to work?

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